The Mac Gamer's Network was formed in 2004. The site was formed by members of the Star Trek Voyager:Elite Force clan, Macfleet.

Macfleet is an all Mac clan because many times I observed Mac players asking questions on other clan forums that went unanswered because most of their clan mates where on PCs and couldn't help them.

I formed Macfleet in an attempt to bring Mac Elite Force players together. Over the years we've had a large number of players come and go. Some lost interest in Elite Force and some joined other clans to play with their friends that used PCs.

The Mac Gamer's Network was formed so that these players could still keep in contact and participate without feeling obligated to remain in our Mac-only clans. We still encourage members of MGN to participate in our clans but also welcome Mac players from other clans or players that don't wish to join a clan.

If you are a Mac player and would like to join MGN just visit our forums and sign up. If you would like to join one of our clans please click the clans button to find links to those sites and more information about joining. If you're an ambitious leader playing a game we currently don't have a clan for contact me.

We have many plans for future expansion including more clans, tournaments and individual competitions, and much more.

Thanks for visiting Mac Gamer's Network. Come back soon for more updates as we continue to grow and evolve.

Mac Gamer's Network Founder.