I've made a few change in preparation for bigger updates to the site. Recently I had some problems with my computer. I lost all of the original files for the web site so I had to download them from the server. That meant to add new buttons to the site I would either have to totally recreate the templates for the buttons or design new buttons. I chose to design new buttons for several reason. The old ones were big and clunky and the area for the text was small. I've also been playing around with ImageReady so I decided to make the new buttons a little more spiffy.

I'll be working on other areas of the site soon!

I've added a link to Joy of Tech, a funny online comic that is usually Mac related. I have also added a link to Orchard, this awesome site with used iPhones. If you guys know of any other cool Mac related sites that you think we should exchange links with let me know.

Well its not quite New Year's Day yet but I have set a New Years Resolution for myself and that is to get the MGN going. I know I've slacked off quite a bit in the past year with MGN and the clans. I should have more free time starting shortly after Christmas. I have lots of things planned so keep an eye on the web site for more information. As always I value everyone's input so if you have any ideas to make MGN or any part of it better email me to let me know.

Thorfinna has volunteered and been chosen to lead the EF clan. We're going to be working to restructure some things and hopefully get things going again in Macfleet so if you're interested in helping with the Macfleet clan please contact Thorfinna to volunteer to help. At least check in and let us know you're still with us and still interested in participating in the EF clan. We just want to see where everyone fits in while we make a few adjustments.

N'odrog has volunteered and been chosen to lead the new Halo clan. We've named it Mac Corps. The web site isn't quite ready yet but it can be found at http://halo.macgamersnetwork.com. If you would like to participate in the Halo clan please contact N'odrog. If you're still an active member of EF though please don't totally abandon Macfleet for the Halo clan without first talking to Kryten.